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The 5 keys to unlocking more cash in your business

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We’ve all heard the saying “Cash is king, profit is sanity and turnover is vanity”, but have you ever stopped to really think about what this means?

When I ask entrepreneurs what success in business means to them, the answers I receive are usually along the lines of “to make as much profit as possible.”

I often cringe when I hear this because it usually means they’re focusing on the wrong thing and consequently are in line to join the 55% of small businesses that don’t survive their first five years. Read More

Zombie companies are on the rise

Zombies are on the rise!

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With Halloween just around the corner, the zombies are on the rise again.

According to leading experts, R3, the number of zombies in the UK peaked in November 2012 at around 160,000. A year later, in November 2013 their numbers had dropped considerably to an estimated 103,000.

But they’re on the rise again, and in recent months, their numbers have been rising dramatically. Read More